Thursday 11th July 2019

Anxiety and stress can be debilitating and can have a physiological impact on our heart rate and brain function. A TED talk by Alan Watkins entitled “Being Brilliant Every Single Day” discusses how we can control our physiology through breathing rhythmically and smoothly and focusing on the centre of our chest as we do so. This can help us concentrate and focus when under pressure.

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Thursday 9th May 2019

The 13th – 19th May 2019 is Mental Health Awareness Week. The key focus this year is on body image.  The Source Magazine provides more details here with the key message being: If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, you shouldn’t say it to yourself.

Wednesday 20th March 2019

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to say when someone starts opening up about their mental health.  We can feel awkward, out of our depth or worried that we might do more harm than good.  An article in the Telegraph offers some guidance on how to manage this if you do find yourself in a situation where someone wants to talk.

Father and son walk and talk on the beach

Monday 4th February 2019

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week 2019. Sometimes it is hard to recognise anxiety in children.  It can be exhibited in many other ways which can make it difficult to detect or understand. GoZen provides some further information on this and lists 8 Ways a Child’s Anxiety Shows up as Something Else.

Monday 21st January 2019

Anxiety and intrusive thoughts can be so severe that the ability to function and carry out everyday tasks can become too much. This article provides guidance on how to overcome worrying, intrusive and racing thoughts.

Worrying, racing and intrusive thougths

Thursday 13th September 2018

TED Talks have provided a helpful article on how to use our anger for the purposes of creativity.  It highlights how we can channel our anger into productive activities, rather than burying it or releasing it in less positive ways.

Monday 25th June 2018

Going through a bereavement can be one of the most difficult and challenging experiences of our lives.  A Counselling Directory article gives advice on how to show yourself compassion at this time.

Tuesday 15th May 2018

The 14th -20th May 2018 marks Mental Health Awareness Week.  Stress in the workplace is one major factor in contributing to mental health problems in the UK.  An ITV report on the subject explores this in more detail and looks at ways in which workplace stress can be reduced.

45% of workers in the East Midlands have thought about leaving their job because of stress

Monday 23rd April 2018

Low self-esteem amongst children is sadly on the rise. The Counselling Directory has provided a helpful article on the subject with advice for adults on how they can help children with their self-esteem.

children playing - self-esteem in children

Tuesday 6th February 2018

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week. The Huffington Post has some guidance on what can help children achieve emotional well-being. 

Monday 8th January 2018

The Huffington Post has published a helpful article on how parents can help children manage their worries, rather than completely avoiding difficult situations altogether.  Please click here.